January 2014

Newsletter January 2014
New website:more modern and accessible

Not only has the Equisalud catalogue been renovated; so has the website. Equisalud´s new international website has a new modern look and is easier to use, allowing users to find information more quickly.

Against cellulite  and antioxidants
Between 85% and 95% of women have cellulite, and with the arrival of summer it’s once again back on our minds. Antioxidants are a great weapon in combating that orange peel feeling, Equisalud´s Holomega Antiox Plus does just that.

Cellulite is not just aesthetics. Maybe our lifestyle isn´t the most healthy? Understanding the significance of ´free radicals´ is the key to fighting the build-up of these tiresome fatty deposits that sit beneath the skin.

Cellulite is not always related with obesity. It´s more related to circulation and tissue drainage under the skin. Free radicals are the principal agent that damage our circulation system and they are produced by a diversity of causes: Tabaco, alcohol, pollution, excess fats and sugars… if we add to this an inactive lifestyle and an unhealthy diet, we are preparing a path to cellulite.

The body protects itself from continual attack of free radicals through agents we know as antioxidants. Antioxidants are a group of vitamins, minerals, natural colourings and other plant and enzyme compounds. We find antioxidants in fruit, vegetables and legumes. Antitoxins in the body can be strengthened through using supplements such as what we offer at Equisalud, Homomega Antiox Plus
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Become a distributor of Equisalud
An excellent business opportunity with new and innovative products from a company of great prestige.

After more than 20 years experience in the field of holistic phytotherapy and nutritional supplements in Spain, Equisalud has decided it is time to make its products available for export, meaning that now, more people can enjoy the benefits that Equisalud´s products have to offer.

 Become an Equisalud distributor in your country  

Capsules suitable for celiacs,diabetics und vegetarians
Not all capsules are suitable for clients with food intolerances or dietary restrictions. In fact, the majority of capsules available in today´s shops are bovine gelatin based.  Equisalud, following its inspiration from the plant world, has produced all of its capsules with pullulan, an innovative plant polysaccharide that is soluble in water, and obtained by fermentation of starch through a 100% natural process that does not use chemical products. The pullulan capsules are gluten free, sugar free, GM free, and free from colourants, and are therefore suitable for vegetarians, diabetics, celiacs and people with dietary restrictions.


What we recomend


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  • Pranalife


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