The wax is obtained from inside of the honeycombs that bees build inside of its hives. It’s secreted by four pairs of wax glands which the worker bees has in their abdomen. These wax glands secrete the wax in a liquid state dissolved in a volatile substance, which in the outer surface of the tegument evaporates, leaving the wax sheets. Each sheet is made with one or more secretions and has a thickness of 0,6 or 1,6 mm with an average weight of 1,3 mg. The worker bees carry these wax sheets with the hind legs and put them it its front legs and mouth to mix it, using the secretion of the mandibular glands. 

For the secretion of the wax several factors are required: an average temperature in the bee’s group from 33 to 36 ºC; the presence of young worker bees with an age from 12 to 18 days; abundant food; and the need of honeycomb construction. The young worker bees used it in the honeycomb construction and, once the honey has been extracted, the honeycomb is melted in water, it’s cooled and left to harden in molds. 

The beeswax is a solid which color variates from yellow to greyish. It has a nice honey smell and a characteristic weak taste. When is cold is kind of fragile.


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