Grape seed oil

The grape seed oil is a vegetal oil extracted from the seeds of the vine’s fruit, the grape. It’s an oil with a pale golden color.

It contains vitamin E and high content of linoleic acid and fatty acids like omega 3 or omega 6. Due to these components is a high valued ingredient in the gastronomy and dietetic. 

It also used in cosmetic for its high content in linoleic acids, because it gives softness to the skin.

Products containing this component


  • Cosmoetica


    100% natural, made from beeswax, birch syrup, and plants.

  • HoloRam


    Bio-regulator dietary supplements to maintain and restore the energy balance.

  • Vibroextract


    Drops formulated to harmonise the elements of TCM and the 3 pillars of naturalism.

  • Pranalife


    Pranalife will help you to restore the energy balance

  • EmotionLife


    Psycho-biological regulators aimed at promoting, maintain or restore the emotional harmony.

  • PranaDerm


    Organic creams for your care through the skin.