MiHappy Cream

External use.
Without preservatives, colorants or synthetic scents.

Content: glass bottle of 50 ml.

Use the MiHappy Cream to nourish and reinvigorate your skin.

Mode of use: with cleansing and detoxifying effect, massaging tightly over all the body before shower and eliminating the rest of water and natural soap. As a toning, applying it after shower and waiting for it to be absorbed, or eliminating the non-absorbed rests with a paper towel or a wood cotton. 

It seems to recall the skin’s memory to recover the correct shape on those areas with scars and other skin problems. To potentiate its effect use it in combination with MiHappy body lotion and/or with MiSol Arnica Lotion.

Preservation: keep the container tightly close, in a dry and cool place. Keep away from light.

All the agricultural origin ingredients come from the organic farming. 



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