HoloRam, Biological Regulators from Equisalud

The HoloRam line -biological regulators- pursues to promote, maintain or restore the energy balance which is essential for the health of different organ systems. This is accomplished through the provision of information patterns provided by a substrate of herbal adaptogens, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, amino-acids and micronutrients, all of them balanced and biophysically activated.
All HoloRam system supplements, behave as biological regulators, this means that they act -rather than as activators or inhibitors- as regulators tending to restore the appropriated balance to the affected organ system.
Today, this Bio-Regulators line, consists of twelve supplements presented in capsules, except one that is in liquid: HoloRam Equilife, which constitutes a polyvalent adaptable synthesis of the entire system.


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Holoram Cosmoetica Equisalud laboratory

    Holoram biological regulators Equisalud


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What we recomend


  • Cosmoetica


    100% natural, made from beeswax, birch syrup, and plants.

  • HoloRam


    Bio-regulator dietary supplements to maintain and restore the energy balance.

  • Vibroextract


    Drops formulated to harmonise the elements of TCM and the 3 pillars of naturalism.

  • Pranalife


    Pranalife will help you to restore the energy balance

  • EmotionLife


    Psycho-biological regulators aimed at promoting, maintain or restore the emotional harmony.

  • PranaDerm


    Organic creams for your care through the skin.