Our new line of products PRANA LIFE

The purpose of our new PRANA LIFE line is to restore the vibrational resonance of the energy centers and their corresponding organic systems. It represents a harmonising system of the vital energy which goes into resonance with reception and emission antennae constituted by the energy centers described by the Hindu tradition. 

The extraction system used by Equisalud captures the complex energy pattern of the plants in order to transfer its organizing information to the energy centers of our organism.

In addition to the synergic combination of the plant extracts, intended for the activating resonance of the frequency spectrum of each chakra, every PRANA LIFE line product contains essential oils, which are its more subtle component. 

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What we recomend


  • Cosmoetica


    100% natural, made from beeswax, birch syrup, and plants.

  • HoloRam


    Bio-regulator dietary supplements to maintain and restore the energy balance.

  • Vibroextract


    Drops formulated to harmonise the elements of TCM and the 3 pillars of naturalism.

  • Pranalife


    Pranalife will help you to restore the energy balance

  • EmotionLife


    Psycho-biological regulators aimed at promoting, maintain or restore the emotional harmony.

  • PranaDerm


    Organic creams for your care through the skin.