COSMOETICA - The Spanish natural cosmetics brand is in talks to enter Hong Kong and extends its market in Canada.

“The spirit of Nature is in your skin”. The slogan used by Cosmoetica to present its products appeals to a holistic vision of face, body and hair care, born of the conviction that beauty is a reflection of well-being, inner balance and harmony with the cosmos.

With this approach, it has developed a line of products which detox and repair, using natural ingredients, 100% certified organic and grown following the cycles of the biodynamic calendar. At the heart of its formulae are birch sap, plants, essential oils and beeswax. Its bestsellers include MiBella vitalising lotion and moisturising & nourishing cream for face and neck, MiHappy body lotion and MiSol Arnica soothing lotion for local application.

The Cosmoética line is owned by Equisalud, a laboratory that has been formulating phytotherapy products at its facility located in Huarte (Navarra, in Spain) for 24 years. With an export rate of 20%, the company has Italy as its main global market, although it is also present in the UK, Belgium and Germany.

After signing a deal to enter North America, starting with Montreal, in Canada, the company is now in talks to enter Asia through a Hong Kong distributor. To boost its global position, Cosmoética has taken part in London trade shows like Mind, Body & Spirit, and Natural & Organic Products. In late October, it will be attending the latest edition of the second of these in Malmö in Sweden, a market that is highly receptive to natural cosmetics.

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